Car travel with dogs has been greatly improved by the creation of dog walking areas at many motorway service stations within the UK.


These areas are beneficial to dogs as they provide a green space for exercise and socialising. However, these spaces may also be detrimental to the health of dogs if there is a high level of parasite contamination.


BARC are currently aiming to assess the prevalence of Toxocara spp. in dog walking areas at motorway service stations throughout the UK. To do this we are relying on the help of volunteers to collect soil samples from Motorway service stations when you are travelling.



More information about collecting samples for BARC can be found on our Be Part of BARC page. 

This map shows the service stations currently sampled and analysed by the BARC project. If you click on a point you can see which service stations have been analysed and the results of that analysis. 

CRIPES member, Alex Stewart, collecting soil from Lymm service station.

CRIPES member Valentine Muhawenimana with Dr Catherine Wilson, collecting soil from a somerset service station.

An example of a Service Station dog walking area.